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Let's face it, everyone hates shipping!

I hate it. You hate it. We all hate it!!! lol But let's also face facts… it's something we all need and couldn't live without. lol

I frequently am asked questions about shipping and thought I would answer some of those questions here...

First of all, I only ship Priority Mail. I have an account through USPS where I can print out (and pay for) my shipping labels online. They give me a little discount (which I pass on to my customers) and FREE Delivery Confirmation on every package I ship for doing so, because it saves them time at the Post Office. If I didn't print my shipping labels on line, they would charge me .80 for Delivery Confirmation. Delivery Confirmation is awesome! With it, packages are very rarely lost.

I also use Priority Mail, because they provide me with FREE shipping boxes. If I had to buy boxes, then I would have to add a shipping and handling fee to cover that cost.

Another thing about boxes...

You have to add the weight of the box, to the weight of your total order. The average size box weighs 5 ozs. So, when you order 14 tarts and add the 5 ozs. that the box weighs, your package will weigh over 1 lb and that's not including any samples I may put in.

Now, WEIGHT in the Post Office world, is a WHOLE different thing. lol It doesn't matter if your package weighs 1 lb and 1 oz...You're going to pay for 2 lbs. To prove my point, please go to the USPS shipping calculator and check this out for your self.

I live in Oklahoma and it's pretty close to being in the middle of the United States. Your shipping rate might be a little more or less depending on how far you live from me, but let's use California as an example. Go to:

Select: Package
Enter 1 lb for weight
Ship to 91706
Ship from 73439
See that 5.45 Post Office Price VS the Online price of 5.34 for 1 lb?

Now go back to the calculator and put in 1 lb 1 oz.

DANG! Did you just see that price jump to 8.60 Post Office Price VS 7.63 Online??? That's for 1 lb. 1 oz.!!!

Now go back and change the weight to 2 lbs. It's the same price as 1 lb. 1 oz., isn't it?

I don't know how they can do that but they do... When I buy 1 1/2 lbs. of Apples at the grocery store, I pay for 1 1/2 lbs. Not 2 lbs. Grrrrrr...

Anyway, now just go back and look at something else for me.

See that online Priority mail price of 7.63 for 2 lbs. to California? Notice the Parcel Post price of 7.33??? You can't print shipping labels online for Parcel Post packages. You have to supply your own box and you don't get FREE Delivery Confirmation. This is why I ONLY ship packages Priority Mail.

I use FLAT RATE shipping boxes whenever it will save on shipping.

I also only charge my customers exact shipping. I leave that information on the shipping label, to prove it. It's not unusual to see that I paid a little more for shipping than you actually did. On the few occasions that I have over charged for shipping, the difference has always been refunded to the customer.

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