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CAN-DO-CANDLES ONLY recommends the use of ELECTRIC tart warmers and prefers the hot plate types (17 watts or more) over the light bulb types, for a faster and stronger scent throw. Two piece warmers are also preferable, so that you can place the tart dish in the freezer if needed, to help remove the used tart. NEVER place tarts or any other scented item onto unprotected surfaces. The fragrance oil contained in them will cause damage to most surfaces. Please keep tart warmers and melted wax out of the reach of children and pets to avoid injury or damages. As for our bath and body products…Please read the ingredients and always test on a small area before using. If any type of itching or irritation develops after using, discontinue use. Avoid spraying perfume into eyes and keep away from flame.


Your purchase from Can-Do-Candles signifies that you have read all of the above information and agree that Can-Do-Candles (or any associate thereof) shall NOT be responsible for any injuries, damages or losses of any kind due to the use, misuse, or negligence in the use of any of their products. Nor are they responsible for any damages incurred from defects in any component of their products manufactured by others.

Home | Contact | Ordering Info | About Us | View Your Cart