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My name is Donna Cantrell and I’m the owner of

I decided to turn my candle making hobby into an online business back in 2001. A few years later, my husband and I thought it would be a good idea to open up my own shop (I think he really just wanted our house back! LOL). So, in 2005 we bought an old farmhouse, refurbished it and opened Farmhouse Antiques & Things. It’s now the home of Can-Do-Candles and where I make all my products.

Our Shop

Always a lover of anything scented, I absolutely LOVE what I do!

While I actually started out making candles, I’ve moved on to what I think is a safer (and better) home scenting method: TARTS! Safer because there is no open flame (I only recommend using electric tart warmers) and better because they are stronger, faster and more cost effective, I just think tarts are the best way to go!

I really don’t want to change my business name (it has served me well) so I’ll always be Can-Do-Candles,

BUT…I’d rather do tarts!

Home | Contact | Ordering Info | About Us | View Your Cart